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Part 2. The Truth About Structured Silver Water
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Video 3: David Morgan and Dr. Gordon Pedersen and Dr. Bryan Frank discuss Structured Silver Water.

Understand the New Technology and Importance of Structured Silver Water

    What is Structured Water?

    "What is structured water? Well let’s take a look at the word “structure.” It’s something that’s organized and is put together for a purpose. For instance, coal has a structure and a chemical structure that’s identical to the chemistry of a diamond. The difference is in the vibration, in the resonance, in the magnetism, in the electric field associated with that chemistry, you get a diamond or you get coal.

    Structure can be applied to water. I know it sounds funny. Water, with a magnetic structure? Yes, magnetism moves water just like the tide coming in and going out with reference to the moon and its magnetism. Electrically, we know water transfers electricity, you’ve seen people electrocuted by it.

    With this in mind, the proper electricity, the proper magnetism, the proper structure, all can be put together in one molecular particle called structured silver water where it has anti-microbial effects.

    What is special about Structured Silver Water?

    Structured silver water is very significant because it has the ability to destroy bacteria, viruses and yeast. It can do so inside the body. It can do it on the outside of the body. It can purify your water. You can actually use it to disinfect your shower from the mold that’s growing there.

    So this structured silver water is significant because it has a molecular structure. Within this structure it has an enhanced ability to kill pathogens and recharge itself so that you don’t have to take silver at such a high dose.

    In addition to that, you’re going to find that the structure is so significant that a single silver ion can kill one pathogen, 1 bacterial cell, while the structured silver water, has the ability to function like a machine gun, rapid fire destruction, continuous destruction of bacteria and virus and yeast, all at the same time."

    Dr. Gordon Pedersen

    Professor Rustum Roy explains Structured Water

    "So what, then, do we mean, by the “structure” of liquid water? First, it is, indeed, made up of building blocks that are equal to molecules. A typical building block is a closely held arrangement of oxygen and hydrogen, but these are building blocks of different size and shape. Now, the next step is most important.

    Those blocks, surely, the building blocks are surely not the structure of water any more than if you walked into your house and you said, “Well, what’s the structure of this house? Where’s the bedroom and the bathroom and the living room etc…oh, it’s just the bricks.” It’s just the bricks. Is water just H2O? No. Nothing to do with it.

    The structure is the arrangement, in three dimensions, of the building blocks. Now you’ve grasped, I think, what we mean by “structure”, in the world of material science and crystallography and relevant sciences. Structure is the arrangement in three dimensions of the building blocks, not the description of the building blocks."

    Professor Rustum Roy from the video above

    Alkaline structured silver water is a new silver solution with unique characteristics. This product is a dietary supplement. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Structured silver gel is also not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The FDA has not evaluated these statements.


    Structured Silver Water from Thank You Silver

    Taken daily to help internal health.



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Structured Silver Water
Structured Silver Water by Thank You Silver